It Takes a Village – Justin Bohl

It Takes a Village – Justin Bohl

The JUSTIN BOHL Interview

I’ve been traveling on skate trips for two decades now, and this past summer Justin rolled out the red carpet for a crew and myself in Detroit. Justin is a human encyclopedia and holds the city dear to his heart. He knows it inside-out and his hospitality made everyone fall in love with the city. With Justin involved, the Detroit skate community is in great hands.

– Joe Brook, Thrasher Magazine

1: You’ve become the unofficial ambassador of Detroit.
How did this come about?

It was never something I was seeking out. By chance, I showed a few guys around and I guess word spread from there that I was down to show skaters the city and give them a free place to stay. I usually get a call or message, sometimes the day before they arrive saying, “Yo we’re coming to Detroit! Got your contact from so-and-so, can you help us out?” Shortly thereafter, there’s 10 skaters I’ve never met packed into my small apartment.

2: You’re very invested in the health of your skateboard community.
What is your vision for the Detroit skate scene?

Community is so important to me. I love the Detroit skate scene and sincerely feel we have something special going on. There is a genuine care and spirit of coming together for the greater good here. I’m excited for the future and I hope it continues to grow while retaining all of its awesome qualities.


3: Detroit has seen its fair share of tumultuous times. Has growing up in a place as inhospitable as Detroit made for the closely-knit skateboard community?

Yes absolutely, this is true not just for the skateboard community but for the general community as well. We have a very united skate scene and the environment of Detroit has inspired that reality. There is definitely a strong DIY culture here as a result of that too.

4: Who else do you have to thank for their role in fostering the community?

There are so many! All the local filmers, photographers, and everyone that contributed to creating our main DIY spot, The Wig, Derrick Dykas especially. All the skater-owned shops like People, Plus, and Refuge as well as companies that support local skaters like Love, Good Do Up, and Tyrant. Many others as well, much respect!