Baby Blue - Blue Tile Lounge

Baby Blue - Blue Tile Lounge

At last, Blue Tile Lounge's 'Baby Blue' is live in all of it's glory, and it needs to be watched as such.

It's been six years since their last full length, Fistfull of Loonies, and a lot's changed. Some have moved on, others have come into their own, and there's been a ton of new additions.

This iteration of the team might be Blue Tile's finest form yet: everyone skates fast as hell, with great style and they've been forced to look even deeper into Toronto's nooks for gems you haven't seen before.  All of the above contributes to Blue Tile's solid 22 year legacy, and we'll never get enough of it.

Featuring Bobby Dekeyzer, Morgan Smith, Lee Yankou, Jed Anderson, Evan Hay, John Lennie, Pat O'Rourke, Joe Yates, Dylan Barnes, Jay Brown, Ryan DesRoches, Nolan Waller & Darrell Smith.

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